Our developer Pavlusenko I.I.

Developer complex Parkes, phytomixtures of herbs and creams "Family Health" - Pavlusenko Igor Ivanovich. Chief Physician Family Medicine Center "Family Health". Researcher, Laboratory of Family Medicine KhMAPE. Corresponding Member UEAN (Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences). Family doctor with 25 years experience, phytotherapeutist, homeopathy, bioresonance medicine physician for over 20 years. His first instrument invented 15 years ago, seven years ago, released his first diagnosis. Author of more than 50 scientific publications and 20 inventions. Creator of the two copyright schools, "Health Family School" and "School of psychological health." Author 4 methodical recommendations of Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Author of 25 medical, biological and medical-technical innovations Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Creator 4 copyright of treatments received and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Награда Павлусенко И.И.


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Official testing of the device Parkes 7
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