How device and diagnostics Parkes works

What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy - area of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic effects of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body, such as heat, cold, electricity.

Activity of a human body is closely connected with the electric and electromagnetic radiation which sources are muscular, bioelectric and metabolic activity. Unlike a human body, electromagnetic activity of the most part of microorganisms is caused only by metabolic activity (i.e. the exchange processes happening in microorganisms), after all they are deprived of nervous and muscular system. The metabolic processes happening in various organisms are characterized by the own, unique range of frequencies. On the basis of these data there was an idea of studying of ranges of electromagnetic frequencies, characteristic for different live organisms, beginning from plants and finishing with a human body.

During the laborious work which borrowed some decades ranges of frequencies of all live organisms that allowed to allocate in separate groups of frequency, characteristic for normal activity of bodies and tissues of the person, and also frequency of metabolic processes of causative agents of various diseases were studied and registered: viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. In total learn more than 150 thousand types of pathogens were allocated, whose electromagnetic frequencies differ from the range of frequencies of a human body. These researches specified a way to development of essentially new, effective and safe method of diagnostics and treatment of the person, without use of medicines.

How device Parkes works

Any human organ consists of cages, and each cage contains a membrane (cover) which plays an important role in exchange processes. To force sick body to treat itself it is necessary to force it to accelerate all exchange processes at the cellular level, having forced to fluctuate a cage membrane with a certain frequency. Researches showed that cellular membranes possess a weak superficial charge. Considering this feature, them it is possible to force to fluctuate at influence of an external electromagnetic field. Cellular covers of various bodies and tissues of a body have own frequency for each type of cages. Subjecting obolonka to influence of their own frequency of fluctuations, cage capacity increases.

Thus, Parkes affects the human body by an external electromagnetic field with a frequency of natural oscillations of the cell membranes, dramatically enhancing the work of the body (without affecting the others), which dramatically accelerates all metabolic and regenerative processes and elimination of toxins. Thus there is no need for taking any drugs.

How diagnostic Parkes works

BAP (biologically active point) — area of skin (0.3-12 mm), is extremely sensitive, temperature, low electric resistance.
Microresonance circuit (nosode) — data that has been read from the disease agent.

«The human body - an integrated system in which each body is inherent only to it inherent oscillation frequency vibrations. The distortion of the frequency entails a change in electric resistance in BAT, which indicates the occurrence of disease or pathology of the ...».Reinhold Voll

R. Foll's words describe a basis of action of bioresonant diagnostics of "Parkes". Any pathological agent imposes the alien frequency of fluctuations for a cage, body or system that leads to increase EX (electroskin resistance) in corresponding BAP. Therefore at first it is measured EX points, then gets out necessary нозод. If its value exceeds indications learn more than on 7-10 units is testifies to violations of body, existence of inflammations, a pathogenic infection. If the indicator is lower - a sign of degenerate and destructive processes in body. Reliability of elektropunkturny inspection is defined by stay accuracy BAHT therefore readings are taken from 3-5 times and average value undertakes. Such technique allows to see at early stages violations in bodies and systems before manifestation of an illness. It is desirable to pass inspection for prevention 1 time in 6 months. With an accuracy of 92-95% diagnostics shows Available of helminths, infections.