Parkes capabilities
Parkes capabilities
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«Parkes» - unique home treatment machine

Physical therapy machine «Parkes» developed for a wide range diseases treatment, except genetic disorders. Suitable for men and women of all age. For treatment it uses natural for body frequency band, whereby machine is absolutely harmless. Unlike tablets, physiotherapy machine «Parkes» has no side effects and does not cause addiction. Do not confuse our physiotherapy device with bioresonance therapy machines. It causes no resonance in a body. In combination with herbals «Family Health», «Parkes» becomes indispensable self-treatment instrument for domestic use.

«Parkes» capabilities

Parkes healing functions

Self-treatment device «Parkes» can cope with any viral, fungal or bacteriological disease, no matter what form it has, acute or chronic. Parkes activates body's defense mechanism, improves functional state of organs, blood circulation, has antiallergic, antispasmodic, regenerative, anti-stress action, restores autonomic regulation. Hang it on a neck, choose necessary mode. Therapy will start automatically after a few seconds.

Check which Parkes will treat YOUR disease (over 1500)

Water structuring (7,77,455)

Due to water memory property, therapeutic effect can be transferred to water. To do this, you should include appropriate «Parkes» program, put the machine side with LEDs on a neck of a glass container with water (2 liters) and leave at the time of its operation. Take 20-30 ml of prepared water per 1 kg body weight. Water clears body from waste products, thereby accelerating healing.

Your daily intake of water: 0.0 l

Cosmetology (1,455)

All physiotherapy machines «Parkes» can be used for cosmetic purposes: to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness of skin, remove puffiness, double chin. It achieved by strengthening and regeneration of facial muscles, improving blood circulation and cellular nourishing.


All «Parkes» machines can quickly remove: headache, toothache, pain in legs and heart, treat sprains, bruises, relieve inflammation, swelling. Parkes have anti-allergic, resolving action.

Physiotherapy machines Parkes

«Parkes» 7

Parkes 7 - machine for home treatment. Perfectly copes with vascular diseases, intestinal infections, helminthic invasions. Also it is used at complaints to cold legs or arms. Quickly removes headache, toothache, backbone, liver, heart pains, hematoma. Removes heat, hypostases, inflammations, nose congestion, arterial pressure. Improves blood circulation, tone of vessels, microcirculation of brain vessels. The machine effectively fights against main types of parasites: giardia, ascarids, pinworms, echinococcus. Strengthens immunity, improves adaptation reactions of organism, regeneration processes. Hang it on a neck, choose necessary mode, farther Parkes will make everything itself. Modes count: 7.

Perfect for treatment: bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, rhinitis, cold, SARS and ARI, askaridosis, echinococcosis, enterobiosis, dysbacteriosis, etc.

Паркес 7 Паркес 7 Паркес 7

«Parkes» 77

Physiotherapy equipment «Parkes» 77 is used for treatment: ureaplasmosis, candidiasis, mycoplasmosis, endometritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, etc. Also effectively struggles with diseases of skin, nails and hair: demodecosis, nail fungus, dermatitis, depriving, papillomas, alopetion (baldness). Machine «Parkes» 77 is widely used for treatment of gastritis, cholecystitis. The machine copes with intestinal infections: campylobacter, helicobacter, giardiasis, salmonellosis, etc. Free diagnostics.

Perfect for parasites in human treatment: ascarias, pinworms, alveococcosis, opisthorchosis, giardiasis; sinusitis, SARS, ARI, candidiasis (thrush treatment), mycosis, sleep disorders, pain in joints.

Country of origin: Ukraine
Interface language: Russian, English
parkes 77 Паркес 77 Паркес 77

«Parkes» 455

Machine for home treatment Parkes 455: removes from organism pathogenic microflora: bacteria, fungi, viruses, helminths, restores work of liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, vessels, etc. Increases immunity, improves metabolism and work of endocrine system, microcirculation in vessels and capillaries, lymphatic drainage and toxins removal from organism, cell regeneration, has antistress (sedative) effect, antiallergic effect, rejuvenates organism.

Perfect for treatment of diseases: intestinal worms, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, antritis, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, vascular dystonia, sclerosis, hypertension, myocarditis, varicosity, thrombophlebitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, gynecologic.

Паркес 455 Паркес 455

«Parkes» Medicus

Machine for home treatment «Parkes» Medicus - «Family Health» center newest product. Physycal therapy machine is able to cope with almost any disease. Frequency range extended for more efficient and rapid treatment. Two tipes of therapy: electric and infrared. Package bundle includes a remote electrode for cosmetic procedures. Using an electrode with creams «Family Health» components enhances the delivery through the skin cream. Programs count: 923. Limited Edition - only 200 pieces.

Perfect for treatment: DSF, ischemia, hypertension, degenerative disc disease, heel spurs, hives, stomach parasites.

Паркес Медикус Паркес Медикус
1 year warranty Programs list «Parkes» operation principle Tests Certificates

Parkes operation principle

Any disease accompanied by inflamation in organs, which leads to circulatory and trophic disorders in cells. Many researches have shown that each type of cells has very own oscillations frequency. During illness this oscillations decreases. External electromagnetic field with natural & healthy frequency oscillations of cell restores blood circulation, trophic processes, elimination of toxins. Thus Parkes restores normal organ functioning, activates body defence mechanism.

For effective treatment with Parkes you need to use it regulary. Toxins accumulating in cells and connective tissue, thats why observe a water regime, it helps eliminate toxins. Using herbals Family Health dramatically increases Parkes efficiency.

Phyisical therapy machines Parkes advantages

Effective treatment
Eliminates cause of disease
прибор Parkes не вызывает побочных эффектов
No side effects
сертифицированное оборудование
Certified equipment
Parkes структурирует воду
Water structuring function

Parkes reviews

I am now 55 years old. I had chronic hepatitis virus - NLS identified A, B, C, and particularly expressed D and herpes - NLS identified also HH6. I was infected around 1972 through vaccination which was designed to reduce capability and sicken the eastern bloc population. These military grade viruses at the time still do not have officially released cure worldwide. I was advised by the doctors in Australia to start manage the Hep B using Tenofovir. Please note the word - managed not using the word - cured. When used, Tenofovir can quickly reduce the viral load of Hep B and so D, by attaching to the DNA of the virus and so making it less capable to replicate. However, as a chemical Tenofovir will attach also to the human DNA and so block it. As a result the it would cause destruction of the living cells reproductive cycle and the control system that regulates it. In short, variety of cancer condition would follow at least. In addition, Tenofovir cannot be completely be dissolved in the body and it blocks the kidney micro tubes, as well as creates number of many other side effects. I tried to use Ayurveda medicine and visited one of the famous hospitals in India; however instead of cure the condition become far worst. Simply the treatment accelerated the illness. It reached a condition where the viral index increased to above 7 million and the liver enzymes went very bad, so practically waiting major issues and constantly screening for cancer. Luckily at that time I found Parkes and its Bio Resonance technology. I received excellent advice from Artem and I purchased Parkes 77. I was very surprised that when I put the Parkes 77 on the right hand side, above the liver – I feel the internal organs slowly to move. Nice feeling. I had great result using the instrument in 3 months. The viral level went normal to around 2000, so the liver enzymes normalized. Then I purchased Parkes 455, which is even better instrument with capability to treat a lot more illnesses. I am using the Parkes instruments for almost 9 months. I treated successfully viruses, bacteria, periodontitis, gripe viruses, etc. Now I use the Parkes instrument to detoxify the liver and rebuild it. It was damaged for very long time. Otherwise I never drink alcohol and smoke which helped me to survive that long with this condition. I am using Parkes 77 and 455 during evening hours, loading up to 10 programs at a time. The instrument increases the metabolism to certain organs and so drinking water more than usual is required. If the water is not enough during detoxification deposits will be distributed inside the body, a light headache is possible. So drink enough water. Artem also advises on this, however it is hard for me to drink the prescribed amount of water per day. Overall I am highly regarded about the Parkes instruments, communications with the company, their medical expertise, and experienced results. Sydney, 6 May 2014
Poor sleep, fatigue, strength enough only for cooking, work is out of the question. For a long time in this state can not last. And the most disgusting in 40 years old feel flabby. Disorders of the endocrine system are difficult to treat. Did not undergo tests for thyroid hormones - obvious violations are present. I began to drink “Family Health” herbs for thyroid gland and nervous system. I used machine Parkes 77 every day. Sleep returned to normal within two months. Now I drink the cleaning herbs. State of health increased, facial skin is cleansed, brightened like after an expensive salon, weight decreased. After cleansing herbs hunger decreased. This is it, without pills and hormones, I have restored the endocrine system. Now I feel great.
Intestinal parasites, infections, problems with vessels – an incomplete list of my computer diagnostics test results. After 35 day of treatment, I felt ease, relief in the intestines, pain in the heels disappeared. Test results showed no infection and parasites in the intestines. And helped me herbal treatment: antiparasitic, liver and lymph herbs “Family Health”. Of course, Parkes 77 did its work.
Good whatever time of day it is where you are. If you are reading this review, then you need assistance about machine Parkes. It solved a lot of problems not only in my family. This year we were vacationing in Egypt with Parkes, of course. We did not need it, but our friend became ill with angina. Machine coped with the problem in one day. Girls did not understand, what’s going on, but asked where they could purchase such device. I wish you good health.
I bought Parkes a year ago. Seller promised me that after three months will be positive result. Did not passing tests for hepatitis C. I still have vasculitis, that’s why, I think, hepatitis is still present.
I am delighted with the first treatment results of "PARKES 77": during one night flu symptoms, that torturing me for three days, disappeared completely . Programs 5, 6, 16, 77, yarrow tea and brier syrup. Machine is very convenient because it can be applied in any setting: at the computer, on vacation, at the machine during work. I will learn more. I am very pleased with the first results. Long years to your life.
My wife and I are using Parkes for 2 years. My wife was diagnosed with hepatitis C. The results are satisfied. Seeing the wife’s improvement, and passing the first treatment course on the machine – queue formed. The device purchased my mom, sister, sister of my wife. Familiar cured asthma. Young children were treated acute respiratory infections in 3 sessions. The most difficult thing when using Parkes is to drink a lot of water, but it's worth it.
I was treated by the device "Parkes" for 2 months. I got rid of yeast infection, cytomegalovirus, giardia and cat fluke.
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Physiotherapy device Parkes developer awards

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Is it possible to treat only with Parkes?

To achieve results quickly, it is necessary to combine machine Parkes with herbals "Family Health" and drink more water. Herbals and water removes toxins from blood and lymph.

Will it help me?

Numerous investigations have shown, that efficiency of Parkes is, on average, 85%. Duration of treatment may vary depending of an individual physical properties, mental strain.

What is diagnostics by hair sample?

We ask our patients to send us a small bunch of hair (1 sm2) monthly to control treatment course. It is possible to determine everything by hair: existence of viruses and bacteria, condition of bodies, etc. For our clients this service is free.

What is unique about Parkes?

Main feature - it's operates at bodys physiological frequencies, which allows us to heal disease without side effects and harm to an organism, like excessive body intoxication. This is important, because toxins are also harmful same as pathogens.